automotive industry and finding a car dealership.


At present, the automotive industry is at a very exciting stage where innovations at every corner are set to change the experience of driving, as we know it and that too, in no small terms. This big change will take time to feature in the automotives or vehicles that we see today. This is majorly due to the economic slump that affected big players like USA and Europe, in the past and now, is affecting countries like Germany, Italy, UK etc. The majority of the population in these countries wants to play it safe with the traditional cars and other vehicles; they do not want fancy equipments and gadgets in the automotives as that would further increase the price band. Also, the majority of the ageing population feels more comfortable with the technology that they already know and do not want to experiment any more.

Present Trends in Automotive Industry

Be it cars, trucks or any other vehicle, the most important features in today’s automotive industry are:

  • Fuel Efficiency – the rising prices of fuel, the world over, has everybody worried. Hence, in these times of rising costs, every person wants to save wherever they can. The more fuel efficient a car the better it is on pockets when it comes to recurring fuel expenditure. To this effect hybrid cars, although costly, are slowly picking up on popularity.  Even further down the horizon is the onset of electric cars of which the industry leader is Elon Musk’s Tesla.
  • Go Green – people are now becoming concerned about their environment. They understand how damaging pollution is for our planet and ecosystem. Automotive industry contributes, to a very large extent, towards increasing the pollutants in our environment. Therefore, those amongst us who are aware want vehicles that have lesser emissions.
  • Smart Navigation – navigation in the form of parking aids, GPS systems etc., needs to be an integral part of the core vehicle. Therefore, car companies are now making these a part of the base models as well.
  • Safety, Comfort & Sleek Design – comfort is mandatory and looks to match the same. One without the other is incomplete and so undesirable. Most automotive companies (more so car companies) are now paying attentions to looks that grab the eye and plush interiors for that added appeal. But, in no way have they compromised on safety. In fact, little strategic alarms and lights have been placed within easy viewing to ensure the safety of all passengers.
  • Plug Ins For External Devices – the most sought after feature today is a point for plug ins like mobile, ipod, tablet, laptop etc. This feature is most needed as life comes to a halt without these gadgets.

What Is A Car Dealership?

A local vehicle distribution business that sells new or used cars is known as a car dealership. It is usually a retail level business wherein franchise is taken for a particular car company. These dealerships not only sell cars but also, train technicians, offer financing options etc.

Finding A Car Dealership

  • Search The Car – the first step is to find the car that you want to purchase. You need to narrow down your choice to a specific company and if possible, to a particular model as well. For this you can talk to friends, family and colleagues and also do research online.
  • Check Manufacturer’s Websites For Dealers – once you have decided which company’s car you wish to buy (like Toyota, Hyundai, BMW etc.), you can log on to their website to check for their dealers in and around the area where you reside. This way you will come to know about the authentic dealers only that are registered with the company.
  • Check Dealers Online – once you are armed with a list of local dealers in that particular car, which you wish to buy, it is time to do a little online research. Visit online communities to gather customer feedback regarding the services rendered by these dealers. This will help you narrow down your choice to just one dealer.  When I used to live in Florida, I was able to get help with my ford miami purchase with local dealers sites.
  • Call Dealer & Check Their Website – finally, it is time to visit the dealer’s website to get their contact details. Once you have them, call the dealer to book an appointment for viewing and test driving the car. Once satisfied you can proceed with actual purchase of the car from the said dealer.  You may also need to brush up on your negotiation skills